MHM Hydraulic Scrap Magnet

The compact magnet system concept as an alternative to the fixed hydraulic equipment on mobile construction machinery. Flexible use through numerous suspension possibilities, such as quick-change systems, rotating devices and grappler suspensions. Applicable to all types of construction equipment of various manufacturers. Suitable for sorting work in the demolition and recycling area as well as track construction and track dismantling.

  • No fixed installation in the construction equipment necessary
  • Intelligent dropping control by polarity change (negative excitation)
  • Optional leakage oil connection
  • Oil supply via existing stick equipment
  • Compact accommodation of all technically necessary components in a rugged steel housing
  • Integrated CoolGen4 13 kW power supply
  • 80% duty cycle
  • Automatic control of pressure and litre flow rate
  • Vibration-damped installation of the generator and generator electronic system
  • Bright LED status display
  • Radio control
  • Call-up and representation of the operating conditions via CG4 Service Tool
  • Numerous suspension possibilities, optionally selectable
  • Rigid or flexible suspension possible


Hydromagnet MHM with three-leg chain
MOZELT Hydraulikmagnet MHM im Schrottumschlag
Hydraulic magnet at scrap handling
MOZELT Hydraulikmagnet MHM mit Schnellwechsler und Einzelketten für das Heben nicht ebener Last
MHM hydromagnet with quick hitch
MOZELT Hydraulikmagnet MHM mit Dreistrangkette für Zweiwegebagger im Gleisbau bzw. Gleisrückbau
MHM hydraulic scrap magnet at track dismantling
MOZELT Hydraulikmagnet mit Schnellwechsler
MHM hydraulic scrap magnet with quick hitch
MOZELT Hydraulikmagnet MHM mit Dreistrangkette
MHM hydraulic scrap magnet with three-leg chain
Video: MHM Hydromagnet with quick coupler


Technical Data

  MHM 8 MHM 10  MHM 11 MHM 12 MHM 13
Power in KW 3,7 5,7 7,5 9,0 10,0
Magnet diameter 820 mm 1020 mm 1170 mm 1270 mm 1375 mm
Weight * 980 kg 1240 kg 1640 kg 1960 kg 2280 kg
Magnet type MLA 8 MLA 10 MLA 11 MLA 12 MLA 13
Oil quantity in litre ** 60 - 320 60 - 320 60 - 320 65 - 320 70 - 320
Operating pressure in bar 100 - 350 100 - 350 100 - 350 100 - 350 100 - 350
Max. back-pressure 25 bar 25 bar 25 bar 25 bar 25 bar
Max. leakage oil pressure 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar

* Weight with head plate. The weight may vary depending on the suspension

** Below this value, restricted operation at reduced output voltage is possible.


Capacity standards****

  Slab lifting capacity*** (kg) Pull-off strength *** (daN) Pig iron (kg) Chips (kg) Light scrap (kg) Heavy scrap (kg)
MHM 8 6.000 12.000 300 120 220  240
MHM 10 9.000 18.000 480 190 350  390
MHM 11 13.000 26.000 700 270 500  560
MHM 12 16.000 32.000 880 340 620  700
MHM 13 18.000 36.000 1.070 410 740  840

*** Theoretical values according to DIN-VDE 0580 related to a single level and a solid slab. With lifting of solid parts, the load bearing capacity of the suspensions / chain suspensions must be considered!
**** For guide values for the various bulk materials, mean values measured according to VDE 0580 may be exceeded or fallen below, as the quantity accommodated per magnet hub is strongly influenced by the form, alloying, composition and position of the material and also by the working method of the operator. The normal operating voltage is 220 V direct voltage. The specified power consumption of the magnet is valid for cold state and is intended for measuring of electrical accessories.In continuous operation, power consumption becomes less due to heating of the magnet coil. The reliable, relative duty cycle consists of 80% duty cycle / 10 minutes. Magnets for more demanding conditions, e.g. for hot material and drop ball operation on request

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