Power generator CoolGen 4

The power generators of the CoolGen4 series serve for power supply to electrically operated lifting magnets on mobile excavators, cranes, fork-lift trucks and other construction equipment which handle ferromagnetic materials, such as heavy scrap, ingots, pig iron, casting and sheared scrap as well as chips and sinter. The system guarantees efficient pick-up and sorting of ferromagnetic loads in the material handling and recycling sector.


Magnet system CoolGen4 series
Magnet system CoolGen4 series
  • short circuit-proof, maintenance-free and overload-proof
  • 100 % duty cycle (ED)
  • self-regulating output voltage
  • self-sufficient system, no connection to on-board power supply
  • compact construction
  • high efficiency factor
  • random direction of rotation
  • CoolGen4 display for indication of all operating conditions
  • modular design
  • optimized dropping performance
  • Improved cooling system
  • USB-Interface for service purpose
  • Pre-equipment for "BellClutch" coupling system
  • Usable with the "HydraBrain" hydraulic unit as standard
  • Sorting function when picking up the load
  • "Dribble Drop" for separate dropping and sorting of the load


Technical data

Type CoolGen4 13kW * CoolGen4 20kW * CoolGen4 30kW *
Rated voltage 230 V
Max. output current 56,5 A DC 87 A DC 130,5 A DC
Ventilation Internal ventilator
Operating speed range* 2500 ... 3800 rpm **
Permitted ambient temperature -25° C…..+50° C non-condensing
Total weight 58 kg 87 kg 135 kg

* Guaranteed power specifications at 100% duty cycle

** In the range of 2000 rpm to 2500 rpm, either operation at full output voltage or restricted operation at reduced voltage is possible, depending on the load