Servicetool CG4

The service tool allows uncomplicated information exchange with the power generators of the CoolGen4 series.


Servicetool CG4 im Koffer
Servicetool CG4 in carrying case
  • Touch control
  • Graphic display
  • USB plug for establishing the connection to the function display or control printed circuit board
  • Indication of all operating conditions
  • Optimization of the dropping behaviour
  • Automatic recognition of the generator type
  • Output of the most important live operating data at a glance
  • Activation / deactivation of the voltage surge
  • Fault analysis
  • Listing of the last ten faults
  • Resetting of the faults
  • Restore generator to factory default settings
  • Calculation of the duty cycle
  • Signalling of the pushbutton command
  • Language selection German / English / French / Spanish
  • Update function of the diagnostics software by means of a USB stick


Servicetool CG4 - Betriebszustände
Menu: Operating conditions
Servicetool CG4 - Informationen
Menu: Operating values
Servicetool CG4 - Einstellungen
Menu: Adjustments
Servicetool CG4 - Einstellungen
Menu: Locatings faults