Battery Magnets are generally used as lifting magnets for flexible, network-independent tasks. They can easily be fitted with mobile excavators, crane systems, and fork-lift trucks, for taking up or sorting small ferromagnetic loads and small parts in the recycling sector. They are also able to provide significant support in the rail refurbishment sector.
battery magnet

Mozelt brings you some of the finest battery magnets encased in a robust welded steel construction.

  • Magnet coil of the anodized aluminum band with flexible heat-resistant silicone rubber coating
  • Magnet coil protection via a solid austenitic manganese steel baseplate
  • Operation via integrated magnet panel or remote control
battery magnets

Being operated by a battery, some special features help optimize performance and provide you with great convenience while using battery magnets.

  • Detailed battery display
  • Three power-setting levels
  • Green display light for signalizing operating condition
  • Warning of battery discharge with acoustic and optical signal, with total discharge protection
  • Charging via conventional 220-volt socket
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Battery Magnets in action