Used and processed magnets, magnetic plates, rectangular magnets, round magnets and battery magnets, as well as hydraulic magnets, prepared and tested by us.


DEMAG RG 150 1
DEMAG RG 150 2
DEMAG RG 150 3

Prepared round lifting magnet DEMAG RG 150

Special Price: 19.859€ net. exw.

Liebherr: Ideal magnet for, for example, Liebherr A/R 934, Liebherr LH40 - LH50, or all larger models.

Sennebogen: Excellent for Sennebogen 840, Sennebogen 850 and all heavier Sennebogen versions.

CAT: The perfect complement to the CAT MH 3026 or CAT 330 MH as well as all larger models.

Reprocessed battery magnet BMM 50/100

Aufbereiteter Batteriemagnet BMM

Recycled rectangular battery magnet with remote control and charging cable

Special Price: 17.450€ net. exw.

The ideal magnet for collecting small metal parts, cleaning railway tracks, or loading metal plates.

Usually fits all common carrier devices and impresses with its easy handling via remote control.

Often used for loading metal plates on construction sites.