Quick delivery of spare parts is vital to service delivery when it comes to magnet systems. A single damaged component may engender greater consequences like a complete halt of work and waste of time, not to mention incurring monetary costs.

Mozelt Magnet Systems sources all kinds of spare parts & attachments within a short period, to minimize downtime for your business. In case you need spare parts to replace any part of the equipment, we are always well-stocked with spare parts, attachments, and accessories for construction equipment and heavy-duty machines including power generators, power supply magnets, battery magnets, hydraulic magnets, etc.

Original cable sets

Cables, helix cables, & diverse connection accessories from various manufacturers; with dimensions according to magnet size and magnet system.
spare parts & attachments
Drive parts

Drive parts

such as hydraulic motors, cup wheels, V-belt pulleys, couplings, and V-belts and V-belts , or all standard mobile excavators and hydraulic motors

Safety equipment

Safety plug and safety couplings
Safety plug and safety couplings
cable accessories

Cable accessories

Including cable strain relief, protective cladding, tension relief clamps, and cable inlets

Chain suspensions and magnet brackets

For standard lifting magnets as well as bolts, shackles, and diverse magnet suspension for load lifting magnets
chain suspensions and magnet brackets
plug in device systems

Plug-in device systems

Electrical connectors, mechanical protective hoods, etc.

All spare parts and accessories for gensets

Why choose us for spare parts?

  • Top-of-the-line quality
  • Original parts
  • Quick delivery
  • Compatible pricing