Round Magnet

Rectangular magnets

High-performance, heavy-duty lifting magnets

We provide our clients in the construction and scrap industry with a wide range of scrap magnets. Whether you need a magnet for the material handler, a hydraulic magnet, an excavator magnet or a scrap magnet, you can find the finest quality, most reliable magnets at highly affordable prices.

Round Magnet MLA

This multi-purpose circular magnet offers high load values and long service life owing to its very effective thermal dissipation. The main features include:

  • 80% duty cycle enables unlimited 3-shift operation
  • External pole of magnets widened and baseplate reinforced
  • Triple chain suspension or upon request with welded receiving ring
  • High wear-resistance layer for special requirements upon request
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To get this highly functional electromagnet delivered to your job site, contact us today and we promise a quick and safe delivery no matter where you are.


Rectangular load lifting magnet

Rectangular magnets RMA

Another one of our extremely durable and reliable scrap magnets, this RMA features a robust design with extremely high load values and long service life due to an effective thermal dissipation.

  • 70% duty cycle enables unlimited 3-shift operation
  • Wear resistance via armored pole faces
  • Quadruple chain suspension or upon request with a mounted intermediate plate for rotary operation / swiveling device

Mozelt also offers customer-specific designs for these rectangular magnets and other electromagnets, tailored to your job site needs and challenges. Order one today and get the delivery within days.

High-Performance magnet HMA-S

This circular magnet for lifting is a High-Performance Type HMA-S, heavy-duty lifter, for safe and dependable scrap handling operations and drop ball application. The magnet housing is made of a high-quality ribbed structure in a single-piece casting.

Other features include:

  • oversized outer pole to reduce wear of magnet
  • magnet coil being manufactured by a state-of-the-art aluminum strip
  • enormous temperature stability, best lifting capacity, and high lifetime expectancy
  • magnet coil will be installed into the magnet by making use of flexible and shock absorbing
    high-quality silicone compound, ensuring the best protection and insulation of coil
HMA S 14
Mozelt engineers can also design a protective covering for the magnet coil made with a non-magnetic manganese bottom plate if your work requires it.
Another optional feature is magnet poles being welded on hard faces to reduce the wear of poles in rough scrap handling applications. This will contribute to the hardness of poles on the Brinell scale, which will be increased from about 150-160 HB (GS45) to about 600 HB, resulting in increased life expectancy.