RENTAL PARK (Renting Magnet)

Model variations

Mozelt Magnet Systems is all about fostering stronger partnerships with our clients. For clients who only need a magnet for a single job, it is a good option to rent magnets instead of buying them. Renting is a great option when you are looking to cope with heavy scheduling of your equipment, or require a short-term replacement to compensate for downtimes or equipment for special services.

We offer a range of available rental equipment such as battery magnets, hydraulic magnets, or lifting magnets.

All our available equipment and attachments can also be hired on rent, giving you a flexible, high-quality, and low-investment solution.

Advantages of renting magnets and attachments

  • Short-term availability of the rental equipment
  • Regular maintenance of the rental equipment
  • Attractive prices
  • Competent technical consultation
  • Immediate help in case of problems
  • Organization of transports

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