UVV or the Accident Prevention regulations applicable in Germany; outlines the occupational safety practices that all companies are bound to abide by. As a trading entity, you are responsible to conduct regular checks to ensure that employees and all workforce present on site, are safe and secure about equipment safety.

Mozelt’s UVV service
Mozelt’s UVV service

Mozelt’s UVV services:

Your business continuity depends on your workers’ safety. The first step to achieve that is ensuring the safest work equipment.
As a specialist in equipment sourcing and magnetic system designing, Mozelt offers its clients a great opportunity to utilize our UVV consulting services, helping you with:
  • Thorough UVV accident prevention checks
  • supporting our clients with effective implementation of the UVV guidelines
  • Device inspection for all devices by us and other manufacturers, used on sites, such as cranes, excavators, trolleys, lifters, pulling devices, load-lifting equipment generators hydraulic systems, and more.
For further details on how we can help you with UVV Compliance, please feel free to contact us.