MHM Hydraulic Scrap Magnet

With the combined generator and magnet unit MHM, it is possible to install and operate a hydraulically driven power generator on almost all mobile construction machines without a hassle. The reason for this is primarily the technically sophisticated yet completely straightforward and user-friendly concept behind this comprehensive solution, not to mention the compact design and modular structure of the CoolGen 4 power supply generator.

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It offers unique flexibility through several suspension possibilities, including quick-change systems, rotating devices, and grappler suspensions. The hydraulic solution is suitable and compatible with all types of construction equipment from a variety of manufacturing brands.
Perfectly suitable for sorting work in the demolition and recycling area as well as track construction and track dismantling.
Retrofittable for all mobile construction machines, the system is tremendously durable and simple to install and upgrade.
  • No fixed installation in the construction equipment necessary
  • Intelligent dropping control by polarity change (negative excitation)
  • Oil supply via existing stick equipment
  • Integrated CoolGen4 13 kW power supply
  • 80% duty cycle
  • Automatic control of pressure and liter flow rate
  • Vibration-damped installation of the generator and generator electronic system
  • Radio control
  • Call-up and representation of the operating conditions via CG4 Service Tool
  • Numerous suspension possibilities, optionally selectable
  • Rigid or flexible suspension possible

Thanks to the Mozelt highly efficient flow control valve with its integrated overpressure and speed protection device, the hydraulic system is virtually load-free when the magnet is switched off and the diesel motor does not need to provide as much drive power.

Hydraulicmagnet MHM quick change 2 1 11zon
Hydraulicmagnet MHM track dismantling