State-of-the-art Magnetic Power generators and Magnet Genset

The power magnetic generators of the CoolGen4 series ensure continuous power supply to electrically operated lifting magnets and are designed as the perfect scrap generator for mobile excavators, cranes, stackers, and other construction machines which handle ferromagnetic materials such as heavy scrap, ingots, pig iron, casting and sheared scraps as well as chips and rolled scale.

This advanced Mozelt magnet generator features a compact construction and a modular design, with highly efficient pick-up and sorting of ferromagnetic loads, owing to its ability to effortlessly rotate in random directions and an optimized dropping performance; as it features a ‘Sorting function’ when picking up the load and ‘Dribble Drop’, for separate dropping and sorting of the load.

magnet generator
MFA Multi Function Display

Operating conditions display

short circuit

Short-circuit and overload proof


100 % duty
cycle (ED)


self-regulating output voltage


Usable with "HydraMind” hydraulic unit as standard

clutch disc

Pre-equipment for "Bell-Clutch" coupling system

cooling system

Improved cooling system


USB-Interface for service purposes