Retrofit Kits are a practical solution to improve efficiency on your existing equipment.

Mozelt Magnet Systems provides an easy upgrading solution to our clients, with Retrofit Kits. We offer retrofit kits for older excavators that do not yet have a generator.

  • For all Liebherr A904 to Liebherr A954
  • For all Liebherr LH22 up to LH80
For all Sennebogen excavators:
  • All from Sennebogen 818D up to 850D
  • All from Sennebogen 818E up to 855E

We also provide a range of retrofit kits for generators for a variety of manufacturing brands such as Volvo, Komatsu, John Deere, Atlas, Fuchs, CAT and more.

The retrofit kits are the perfect addition to your excavator so you can efficiently use your:
  • Hydraulic Magnets
  • Scrap magnet attachments
  • Demolition magnets
  • Electromagnets
Retrofit Kits
Retrofit Kits
Retrofit Kits

Advantages of
retrofit kits

Retrofit kits offer the following advantages:
  • No need to replace equipment with new models
  • Easily upgrade existing equipment
  • No need for new installations
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • No downtime or disruption to work