Add an extraordinary magnetic lifting capability to your excavators with our excavator magnets and hydraulic magnets which are designed for demolition jobs.
This high-performance scrap magnet allows you to avoid repair costs, minimize downtime and turn scrap into profit by lifting off the metal pieces, scrap metal, and bars spread over the demolition site. Not only the scrap metal pieces scattered around a site can become a hazard but also a waste. Scrap magnets can lift off the spare metal for reuse saving money and maintenance costs.

Model variations

There are two models of demolition magnets available:
  1. Fixed excavator magnet
  2. Mobile hydro magnet with a chain link
Both these variations offer some standard features including:
  • 25 % more efficiency
  • Built-in generator power source
  • Improved power control
  • Diagnostic panel to give you more control
  • Smart protection features
  • Ability to work in difficult positions
The hydraulic unit can easily be attached to any excavator and works perfectly for demolition jobs, recycling, and scrap yards.

Demolition magnet in action